News & Events

Ladies Health & Wellness Execlusive Event

PreScholars will be participating in an exclusive event as part of our campaign to promote breast cancer awareness during the month of October. Deema Center is hosting Ladies Health and Wellness, and has requested Miss Shahad our lovely manager to be a guest speaker at the event. Miss Shahad will be presenting on the topic "What to look for in a nursery".

Farmers Market

We excitedly look forward to our annual Farmer's Market this month, children have been exploring animals during the month of October and "On The Farm" has been enjoyed by all, especially our milking the cow activity. This event is loved by all our little ones every year, as we offer many fun, interesting and exciting activities on the day. Parents please check I-care for more details.

Special Thank You

This is a special thank you to a special young lady. Your rabbits are already loved by all of us at Prescholars Nursery. Thank you.


Birthdays are a very special occasion for little ones, it marks another year of development and is certainly a reason to celebrate.
We offer children and their families a chance to celebrate with their friends at PreScholars on their special day...


At PreScholars we believe in developing a good grounding in education and health and fitness to ensure all round well-being. PreScholars is the first nursery in Doha to offer Pilates classes adapted specially for our little ones.
A note from Helena our Pilates instructor...